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Voice for Fitness Instructors

It’s not easy to exercise, breathe, speak and motivate at the same time; even with the aid of a wireless, omni-directional microphone strapped around the head. Despite any coaching constrictions, it’s important for fitness class participants to hear a fit voice because the voice is reflective of what’s going on inside of our body. To get the voice in shape …

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The Bachelor – Courtney Robertson’s Voice

I will admit that at times I watch reality television shows. I’m entertained by listening to the voices of the various contestants. Lately I’ve tuned in to watch “The Bachelor” on ABC. Currently the model Courtney Robertson appears to be getting most of the attention as she vies for the love of Ben Flajnik. She’s been described by the other …

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Whitney Houston’s Voice

There are many adjectives that come to mind when I hear Whitney Houston’s voice. Her beautiful instrument shimmered, shined and resonated from her very soul. But what if we were to draw a picture of her amazing gift? I once had a voice teacher who asked me to draw a picture of my voice. I had to imagine what sorts …

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Breathing and Health

Do you feel over-tired? Tensed up? One of the most overlooked aspects of healthy living is proper breathing. It’s so taken for granted. Yet when we breathe properly we oxygenate the nerves, muscles, blood and brain.  Failure to do so stresses the body out. When the breath is freely moving throughout the body, it enables the body and mind to …

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Voice Projection

The other day I attended the “Business Connects Networking Conference” in Toronto, organized by the fabulous Jennifer Beale at Unleash PR. Of course, everyone was exchanging business cards and giving elevator pitches, myself included. Each time I introduced myself as a voice and public speaking coach, I was asked if I teach others how to “project” their voice. Well, no. …

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