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Voice Warm-Ups

By Cathy Sobocan, M.A. This is part one of my series on voice warm-ups. Speaking for any length of time is like aerobics for the voice therefore conducting an efficient voice warm-up will help your body create and support a confident, healthy sound. Voice warm-ups will also help to calm your nerves and give you energy. I call this voice …

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How to Speak with Charisma

Everyone has charisma. It’s apparent when we’re feeling truly alive and fully present in any given situation. For example, athletes win when they approach their game with clear, attentive, focused energy. If they don’t, they usually lose, and you might hear them say, “I was off my game.” Or perhaps you went to a concert to watch your favourite singer, …

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How to Clear Your Throat

Some people find that they have to consistently clear their throat prior to speaking. The reasons for that may vary; a dry cough, a lump sensation, a slight tickle, mucus, medication, anxiety, or other minor or serious medical conditions. It’s typical to cough to try to clear the throat, but coughing can irritate your vocal folds. Here are other methods …

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