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Breathing Exercises for Your Voice

A healthy, moving, natural voice is supported by breath. Without a breath not much sound will come out. There are three primary muscles of respiration to be aware of; the abdomen, the diaphragm and the intercostals. These breathing exercises for your voice will get you connected with them. 1. The intercostal muscles are muscle bands that surround and span between …

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How to Negotiate

If you’re about to ask your boss for a raise, take part in a bidding war for a house, or work through the terms of a contract;  you are heading into a negotiation. It you take the time to learn how to negotiate, you’ll gain a very useful communication skill. In short a negotiation is a method by which people …

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Breathing and Fear of Public Speaking

It’s very common to experience fear of public speaking. But imagine it as a temporary, manageable, treatable illness. It’s important to understand that fear of public speaking manifests itself in the body as much as it does in the mind. Therefore to combat the fear, it’s important to know about breathing and fear of public speaking. When we experience fear …

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Should You Move Around While Speaking?

Should you move around while speaking? This question come up often. One of the most important things you should feel while speaking, is both feet on the ground. When you can feel your feet on the ground, your body and breath will relax downward. Feeling both feet on the ground will help your whole body remain balanced. Your feet are …

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What do I do with my arms while speaking?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What do I do with my arms while speaking?” Here’s the short answer… When our head and are heart are truly connected with the words we’re saying, the appendages will follow. If you feel awkward while speaking and your arms are just hanging by your sides, then you need to focus …

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Is Throat Clearing Bad for Your Voice?

Is throat clearing bad for your voice? The answer is yes. When we clear our throat or cough harshly, the vocal folds are slammed together. This builds up tension in the vocal folds. Slam them around a number of times and they will bruise. Eventually you could even get vocal nodules. I recently attended a workshop facilitated by registered speech-language …

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Exercises to Release Voice Tension

 Here are some exercises to release voice tension before your next speaking gig. Have a sigh of relief – one that releases your thoughts and feelings as you make an “AH” sound. Place your hand on your belly and allow breath to fill the space under your hand before you make the sigh. Yawn – This opens up the back …

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PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Have you ever watched someone speak in front of a PowerPoint presentation while standing slumped behind a podium? And while they speak they stare at the Power Point slides the entire time? Of course the slides are important. They can enhance what the speaker is saying. They can be pleasing to look at. Visuals are great, but there are two …

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Barack Obama’s Speaking Style

Did you happen to watch President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address? No matter what you think of his politics, you’ve got to admit the man’s got chops when it comes to public speaking! Obama is authoritative yet down to earth. He’s a man of the highest office, President of the United States, yet Barack Obama’s speaking style can …

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Voice and Chinese Medicine

I go to a fabulous massage therapist and acupuncturist in Toronto. In fact, she does both at the same time. Needles are on the legs while she massages the upper body, then needles are on the upper back while she massages the legs, etc. Her name is Yinling at TCM Health Care on Broadview. We were having a talk about …

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