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How to Combat Stage Fright

It’s possible that you might be feeling fear or nervousness ahead of your performance. Those feelings are normal. Here are some tips to help you combat stage fright: You have been chosen to perform because you are unique! No one else can offer what you can offer. Believe that your story or message or performance is more important than your …

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Video Blogging, or “Vlogging”

By Cortney Pasternak, M.A. Video blogging or “vlogging” is a great tool to get your ideas and your brand out to the world. It will help to maximize effect and reach. Of course for many people the idea of speaking to a camera makes them want to run for cover. But even if you feel comfortable in front of the …

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Public Speaking Tips (From Bill Clinton)

Bill Clinton is often referred to as one of the best public speakers of modern time.He has the ability to charm the audience into joining him in his point of view. There are two components to his greatness as a communicator. We can garner many public speaking tips by watching him. WHAT he says: He builds his speech around one …

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Tired Voice Exercises

In order for the natural voice to function properly, it needs physical space inside of the body. If we sit or stand for too long a period of time, our body will start to collapse, breathing will become shallow and the voice will become tired. Therefore, tired voice exercises are necessary. To rejuvenate a tired voice we have to make …

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How to Memorize Lines

Sometimes we have to memorize lines. The more you do it, the easier it gets. The challenge is to keep the text alive with each read. To do so it’s important to own each word. You’ll have new discoveries about the text if you do. Here are a few suggestions on how to memorize lines. I’ve borrowed the exercises from …

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What to wear on camera

The main focus should be the subject – you! So in order for you to shine it’s important to carefully choose what to wear on camera. Your clothing and accessories should enhance your presence rather than detract from it. What to wear on camera – ten simple rules: Avoid wearing white. It reflects light and you’ll look pale. Avoid wearing …

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YouTube Video Tips

Follow these five helpful tips to look and sound your best on YouTube:   Tip One – Choosing the right location Location, location, location. Where you choose to film should reflect what it is you’re talking about. If your story is about dogs for example, then film it in a dog park. If the viewer sees dogs running and playing …

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Public Speaking Tip: It’s all in your feet!

How many bones do we have in our feet? a)    20 b)   12 c)    26 d)   17 Here’s the answer: “There are 26 bones in our feet. That’s 25 percent of the bones in your body! Your feet are the base of support for the rest of your body. Therefore, if out of alignment, can cause improper balance and alignment …

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How to act natural on stage

I recently conducted a workshop in Toronto on how to be fully present with an audience. After going through a series of progressive exercises on the energy of presence, body language and voice, each of the participants had to get up and give a short talk. One of the participants looked down at the ground part way through hers. I …

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Ted X

TEDx Toronto Speakers

What a blast voice coaching the TEDx Toronto speakers! They worked very hard at the content and delivery of their talks. Some of them had little experience speaking in front of a large crowd yet they took courageous steps to open themselves up and share their message. Others had a lot of speaking experience, but they still took the opportunity to improve on …

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