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The Possibilities Conference (for women only)

Someone asked me today why The Possibilities Conference was for women only. I love the company of men, don’t get me wrong, but there are times when women can benefit greatly from the sole support of other women. Women like to share experiences together. They even go to the bathroom in groups. There are differences in how we handle our …

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Know Your Audience

So you’ve been asked to give a talk. That’s quite a complement when you consider how many speakers there are to choose from. The best way to return the complement is to customize your talk for your audience. They’ll appreciate the personal attention. Here are some tips to help you know your audience before you speak: Ask yourself the following: …

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Job Interview Tips – Prepare Your Voice and Body Language

The big job interview is coming up. It’s the job you really want. What have you done to prepare? Have you researched the company and come up with answers to potential questions? What you say is important but past research suggests that between 70 and 93 percent of the communication spectrum is nonverbal. So it’s important to prepare your voice …

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Exercises to Stop Vocal Fry

A study in the Journal of Voice suggests that college students, especially females, are prone to glottal or “vocal fry.” It means there’s a lot of crackle in the voice at the end of words or sentences. There are several reasons for vocal fry: One is that there isn’t enough breath support to carry the vocabulary. Think of a car …

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Five Speech Practice Exercises…

1. Audiences respond to passion in a speech. So, as part of your practice, explore how you “feel” about your topic. Allow some of your emotion to spill into your talk. 2. Learn only the key points of your speech. Then you won’t get stressed out over what word comes next. Unless you’re an actor in a play, there’s no need to …

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How to start your public speaking career? With a beginner mind.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” cite=”Shunryu Suzuki”]In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.[/pullquote3] Spring is a great time to open the mind to new possibilities. To do so, we have to have a beginner mind. I used to think I knew a lot about public speaking. After all, I studied vocal music at university, sang professionally, …

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International Women’s Day, A Toronto Woman Finds Her Voice!

It’s poignant on this International Women’s Day to recognize women who’ve overcome obstacles in order to speak out for what they believe in. There are brave women who’ve left abusive relationships, women who’ve pushed for education in countries where they face oppression, women who push for quality health care where there is none and women who fight for equality in …

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Voice Prep for Tonight’s Party Entrances

Before any actor goes on stage to perform, he or she has typically done months of rehearsing. They’ve memorized lines, worked on their voice and movement, interpreted the script, developed a character, practiced in costumes, put on stage make-up, etc. And on the night of the performance, before the curtain rises, the actor does a warm-up. They get into character …

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Voice for Fitness Instructors

It’s not easy to exercise, breathe, speak and motivate at the same time; even with the aid of a wireless, omni-directional microphone strapped around the head. Despite any coaching constrictions, it’s important for fitness class participants to hear a fit voice because the voice is reflective of what’s going on inside of our body. To get the voice in shape …

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The Bachelor – Courtney Robertson’s Voice

I will admit that at times I watch reality television shows. I’m entertained by listening to the voices of the various contestants. Lately I’ve tuned in to watch “The Bachelor” on ABC. Currently the model Courtney Robertson appears to be getting most of the attention as she vies for the love of Ben Flajnik. She’s been described by the other …

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