Barack Obama’s Speaking Style

Did you happen to watch President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address? No matter what you think of his politics, you’ve got to admit the man’s got chops when it comes to public speaking!

Obama is authoritative yet down to earth.

He’s a man of the highest office, President of the United States, yet Barack Obama’s speaking style can make the audience feel he’s just one of them, albeit their leader. With his uplifting voice he’s able to connect with the audience, inspire and rally.


Note that Obama doesn’t walk around when he speaks.

He’s very comfortable grounded in one spot. He stands tall and confidently and speaks with confidence in his voice. Sometimes he adds more volume to his voice or he increases his pacing to crank up the energy of his speeches. He does it instinctively, yet knowingly.

Obama also takes a lot of pauses to allow what he says to resonate with the audience and he often smiles which shows he has a warm side to his personality.

He peppers what he says with a lot of interesting short stories or jokes. He’s not afraid to show his human side. And the more we show our human side, the humans in the audience will respond favorably.