Breathing From Your Centre

If someone were to ask you to take a breath, would you take a big inhalation of air through the nose? Would your shoulders rise? Would you feel the air at the top of the chest? That’s an indication of breathing with your secondary respiratory muscles. Also note that many people breathe prematurely, using the neck and shoulder muscles before the body needs oxygen. That causes us to grab for air we don’t yet need.

Great breathing involves an in breath and an out breath.

When we practice a full exhale, our body will relax when under stress. Also, when our exhalations are long, the inhalation will naturally deepen.

Breathing From Your Centre

The breath should come from the contraction of the diaphragm. Imagine that there is expansion and contraction around the centre of your body – the belly and around into the back. A deep breath expands your waistline.



  • Allow a breath to enter through your mouth.
  • Relax your jaw.
  • Let a few easy breaths in and out through the mouth.
  • What does the in breath feel like?
  • What does the out breath feel like?


  • Imagine pulling on a pair of tight jeans.
  • Inhale before you pull them up.
  • Now EXHALE as you pull on the jeans.
  • Now allow your body to inhale. Where do you feel the breath?


  • Lie down on a mat on your back.
  • Take a moment to feel your breath
  • Place a hand where you feel the most breath
  • Place a hand on your belly and feel the natural expansion contraction caused by breathing.