What’s more important… expertise or interpersonal skills?

By Cathy Sobocan

What’s more important… expertise or interpersonal skills? Our expertise might land us a job interview, but hiring experts say our soft skills are more important when it comes to getting hired and keeping the job.  According to the attached article by Janet Webb, a Toronto based executive search and career management expert, interpersonal skills are especially important.

As a communication skills coach I can vouch for that. Many people have come to me to prepare for job interviews. I take them through a series of questions they might be asked, and film them giving the answers. It’s amazing what the camera picks up. Lack of a smile, slouching while sitting, voice too soft, or not enough energy can diminish who we truly are.

It’s important to pay attention to your voice and body because that’s what the interviewer is listening to and looking at. If you have a job interview coming up film yourself answering questions. Even better, would be to make an appointment with a coach.

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