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How to Speak with Charisma

Everyone has charisma. It’s apparent when we’re feeling truly alive and fully present in any given situation. For example, athletes win when they approach their game with clear, attentive, focused energy. If they don’t, they usually lose, and you might hear them say, “I was off my game.” Or perhaps you went to a concert to watch your favourite singer, …

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How To Be a Better Communicator

If you want to be a better communicator, it requires that you be fully engaged with your audience, as well as yourself. There aren’t any tricks here. No matter if you’re a top executive heading up meetings, or giving a keynote speech, it’s soul searching work… How to be a Better Communicator Checklist  Are you communicating without judgment? Or focused …

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How to Memorize Lines

Sometimes we have to memorize lines. The more you do it, the easier it gets. The challenge is to keep the text alive with each read. To do so it’s important to own each word. You’ll have new discoveries about the text if you do. Here are a few suggestions on how to memorize lines. I’ve borrowed the exercises from …

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Know Your Audience

So you’ve been asked to give a talk. That’s quite a complement when you consider how many speakers there are to choose from. The best way to return the complement is to customize your talk for your audience. They’ll appreciate the personal attention. Here are some tips to help you know your audience before you speak: Ask yourself the following: …

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