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What’s more important… expertise or interpersonal skills?

By Cathy Sobocan What’s more important… expertise or interpersonal skills? Our expertise might land us a job interview, but hiring experts say our soft skills are more important when it comes to getting hired and keeping the job.  According to the attached article by Janet Webb, a Toronto based executive search and career management expert, interpersonal skills are especially important. …

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How to apply to speak at a TEDx event

By Jennifer Kelly (Intro by Cathy Sobocan) The fabulous Jennifer Kelly of New Initiatives Marketing in Toronto, served for the last two years as chair of TEDxDistilleryWomen in Toronto. After receiving countless requests asking how to get selected to speak at a TEDx event she decided to write this very helpful article. How to apply to speak at a TEDx …

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PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Have you ever watched someone speak in front of a PowerPoint presentation while standing slumped behind a podium? And while they speak they stare at the Power Point slides the entire time? Of course the slides are important. They can enhance what the speaker is saying. They can be pleasing to look at. Visuals are great, but there are two …

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Barack Obama’s Speaking Style

Did you happen to watch President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address? No matter what you think of his politics, you’ve got to admit the man’s got chops when it comes to public speaking! Obama is authoritative yet down to earth. He’s a man of the highest office, President of the United States, yet Barack Obama’s speaking style can …

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Video Blogging, or “Vlogging”

By Cortney Pasternak, M.A. Video blogging or “vlogging” is a great tool to get your ideas and your brand out to the world. It will help to maximize effect and reach. Of course for many people the idea of speaking to a camera makes them want to run for cover. But even if you feel comfortable in front of the …

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YouTube Video Tips

Follow these five helpful tips to look and sound your best on YouTube:   Tip One – Choosing the right location Location, location, location. Where you choose to film should reflect what it is you’re talking about. If your story is about dogs for example, then film it in a dog park. If the viewer sees dogs running and playing …

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TEDx Toronto Speakers

What a blast voice coaching the TEDx Toronto speakers! They worked very hard at the content and delivery of their talks. Some of them had little experience speaking in front of a large crowd yet they took courageous steps to open themselves up and share their message. Others had a lot of speaking experience, but they still took the opportunity to improve on …

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The Possibilities Conference (for women only)

Someone asked me today why The Possibilities Conference was for women only. I love the company of men, don’t get me wrong, but there are times when women can benefit greatly from the sole support of other women. Women like to share experiences together. They even go to the bathroom in groups. There are differences in how we handle our …

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Job Interview Tips – Prepare Your Voice and Body Language

The big job interview is coming up. It’s the job you really want. What have you done to prepare? Have you researched the company and come up with answers to potential questions? What you say is important but past research suggests that between 70 and 93 percent of the communication spectrum is nonverbal. So it’s important to prepare your voice …

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International Women’s Day, A Toronto Woman Finds Her Voice!

It’s poignant on this International Women’s Day to recognize women who’ve overcome obstacles in order to speak out for what they believe in. There are brave women who’ve left abusive relationships, women who’ve pushed for education in countries where they face oppression, women who push for quality health care where there is none and women who fight for equality in …

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