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Voice Warm-Ups

By Cathy Sobocan, M.A. This is part one of my series on voice warm-ups. Speaking for any length of time is like aerobics for the voice therefore conducting an efficient voice warm-up will help your body create and support a confident, healthy sound. Voice warm-ups will also help to calm your nerves and give you energy. I call this voice …

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How to Clear Your Throat

Some people find that they have to consistently clear their throat prior to speaking. The reasons for that may vary; a dry cough, a lump sensation, a slight tickle, mucus, medication, anxiety, or other minor or serious medical conditions. It’s typical to cough to try to clear the throat, but coughing can irritate your vocal folds. Here are other methods …

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How Swearing Can Improve Your Voice

By Cathy Sobocan, M.A. Let’s face it; most of us utter a few swear words now and again, even if it’s just under the breath. But did you know that having a good swear helps to open up your voice? Here’s how swearing can improve your voice…

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How to release tension in the jaw

By Cathy Sobocan, M.A. Jaw tension is very common. And when the jaw fails to move freely, it can result in voice issues such as mumbling, speaking too quickly, and a voice that doesn’t sound very confident and inviting. The masseter muscle is the key muscle that moves the jaw upward and it’s the muscle where we often hold tension. …

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Breathing From Your Centre

If someone were to ask you to take a breath, would you take a big inhalation of air through the nose? Would your shoulders rise? Would you feel the air at the top of the chest? That’s an indication of breathing with your secondary respiratory muscles. Also note that many people breathe prematurely, using the neck and shoulder muscles before …

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Breathing Exercises for Your Voice

A healthy, moving, natural voice is supported by breath. Without a breath not much sound will come out. There are three primary muscles of respiration to be aware of; the abdomen, the diaphragm and the intercostals. These breathing exercises for your voice will get you connected with them. 1. The intercostal muscles are muscle bands that surround and span between …

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Breathing and Fear of Public Speaking

It’s very common to experience fear of public speaking. But imagine it as a temporary, manageable, treatable illness. It’s important to understand that fear of public speaking manifests itself in the body as much as it does in the mind. Therefore to combat the fear, it’s important to know about breathing and fear of public speaking. When we experience fear …

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Is Throat Clearing Bad for Your Voice?

Is throat clearing bad for your voice? The answer is yes. When we clear our throat or cough harshly, the vocal folds are slammed together. This builds up tension in the vocal folds. Slam them around a number of times and they will bruise. Eventually you could even get vocal nodules. I recently attended a workshop facilitated by registered speech-language …

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Exercises to Release Voice Tension

 Here are some exercises to release voice tension before your next speaking gig. Have a sigh of relief – one that releases your thoughts and feelings as you make an “AH” sound. Place your hand on your belly and allow breath to fill the space under your hand before you make the sigh. Yawn – This opens up the back …

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Voice and Chinese Medicine

I go to a fabulous massage therapist and acupuncturist in Toronto. In fact, she does both at the same time. Needles are on the legs while she massages the upper body, then needles are on the upper back while she massages the legs, etc. Her name is Yinling at TCM Health Care on Broadview. We were having a talk about …

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