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Tired Voice Exercises

In order for the natural voice to function properly, it needs physical space inside of the body. If we sit or stand for too long a period of time, our body will start to collapse, breathing will become shallow and the voice will become tired. Therefore, tired voice exercises are necessary. To rejuvenate a tired voice we have to make …

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Exercises to Stop Vocal Fry

A study in the Journal of Voice suggests that college students, especially females, are prone to glottal or “vocal fry.” It means there’s a lot of crackle in the voice at the end of words or sentences. There are several reasons for vocal fry: One is that there isn’t enough breath support to carry the vocabulary. Think of a car …

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Voice Prep for Tonight’s Party Entrances

Before any actor goes on stage to perform, he or she has typically done months of rehearsing. They’ve memorized lines, worked on their voice and movement, interpreted the script, developed a character, practiced in costumes, put on stage make-up, etc. And on the night of the performance, before the curtain rises, the actor does a warm-up. They get into character …

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Voice for Fitness Instructors

It’s not easy to exercise, breathe, speak and motivate at the same time; even with the aid of a wireless, omni-directional microphone strapped around the head. Despite any coaching constrictions, it’s important for fitness class participants to hear a fit voice because the voice is reflective of what’s going on inside of our body. To get the voice in shape …

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Voice Projection

The other day I attended the “Business Connects Networking Conference” in Toronto, organized by the fabulous Jennifer Beale at Unleash PR. Of course, everyone was exchanging business cards and giving elevator pitches, myself included. Each time I introduced myself as a voice and public speaking coach, I was asked if I teach others how to “project” their voice. Well, no. …

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Breathing for Broadcasters, and Everyone Else for That Matter.

I recently attended an acting class at York University in Toronto and one of the participants came over and introduced herself. “Hi I’m Anita,” she smiled. I was taken aback by her friendliness and ease in approaching me. “Wow, to be around people who come over and smile and introduce themselves to a stranger,” I said. I’m used to smug …

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How To Find Your Unique Voice

Firstly, welcome to my website and to my first blog post. I hope you find this to be a comfortable place for  sharing information and experiences about voice and public speaking. Just so you know, I’m very passionate about voice. I started out singing, then landed a career in broadcasting. I used to think I knew a lot about voice …

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