Blog 7

Exercises to Release Voice Tension

 Here are some exercises to release voice tension before your next speaking gig.

  1. Have a sigh of relief – one that releases your thoughts and feelings as you make an “AH” sound. Place your hand on your belly and allow breath to fill the space under your hand before you make the sigh.
  2. Yawn – This opens up the back of your throat. Vocalize an “AH” sound while you yawn.
  3. Jaw – Open your mouth slightly and place your hands gently on your jawbone. Let go the hands and let the jaw hang.
  4. Tongue – Slide the tongue outside of the mouth and place the edge of the tongue on the chin. Hold it there for a few seconds before sliding it back in.
  5. Facial Muscles – Scrunch all of the muscles in the face and move them around. Open the mouth and make fish lips. Stretch the lips out and around.
  6. Don’t forget to breathe! The breath is the motor for the voice. And if we allow the breath to drop down, it will calm the nerves. Typically when we speak we take silent inhalations of air via the mouth. Natural, relaxed breathing is one of the best exercises to release voice tension.