How To Be a Better Communicator

If you want to be a better communicator, it requires that you be fully engaged with your audience, as well as yourself. There aren’t any tricks here. No matter if you’re a top executive heading up meetings, or giving a keynote speech, it’s soul searching work…

How to be a Better Communicator Checklist 

  1. Are you communicating without judgment? Or focused on having to be right? Or focused on proving your point?
  2. Are you genuinely listening to responses?
  3. Is your voice masking communication, or are you sharing thoughts and information with generosity?
  4. If you want action from others, have you clearly asked for what you want?
  5. Are you inviting people in as you speak? Or speaking at them.
  6. After you’ve communicated, have you reviewed with honesty, how you did, and how you could have improved? Practice makes perfect.