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How to Negotiate

If you’re about to ask your boss for a raise, take part in a bidding war for a house, or work through the terms of a contract;  you are heading into a negotiation. It you take the time to learn how to negotiate, you’ll gain a very useful communication skill.

In short a negotiation is a method by which people settle differences, and differences come in many forms.

Here are some tips on how to negotiate for a positive outcome.

Request a Meeting

Do Your Research

Before the meeting gather as much information about the issues as possible.

Discuss Your Goals for the Meeting

Open the meeting by establishing common ground – The interests, goals and viewpoints of both sides should be listed.

Ask Questions

Listen Carefully

Clarify Your Thoughts


Negotiate a win-win outcome. Suggest alternative strategies and compromises.

Plan Next Steps

Implement a course of action.


If there’s failure to agree repeat the process. If there’s still failure to agree, bring in a third party to help.