How to Speak with Charisma

Everyone has charisma. It’s apparent when we’re feeling truly alive and fully present in any given situation.

For example, athletes win when they approach their game with clear, attentive, focused energy. If they don’t, they usually lose, and you might hear them say, “I was off my game.” Or perhaps you went to a concert to watch your favourite singer, but the singer was having an “off night.” No charisma there.

Our charisma will be apparent when we focus with positive energy on the moment and on the audience.  Because that’s what charisma is. It’s the energy you give off that travels from you to other people. I’ve outlined three simple strategies to help you speak with charisma.

How to Speak with Charisma

Be Happy in that Moment

Sounds easy but we often forget when nerves kick in. A person who smiles is automatically charismatic.

Be Committed to the Task

Commit to doing an excellent job, practice, and then speak with commitment and confidence. Confidence equals charisma.

Trust Yourself

There is no one else like you on this earth. You have something great to offer. No one else can offer it in the way that you do. Share your gifts. When you trust yourself and your gifts, your uniqueness will shine and that’s charisma!

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