Blog 3

PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Have you ever watched someone speak in front of a PowerPoint presentation while standing slumped behind a podium? And while they speak they stare at the Power Point slides the entire time?

Of course the slides are important. They can enhance what the speaker is saying. They can be pleasing to look at. Visuals are great, but there are two parts to a PowerPoint presentation. The slides, and more importantly, the presenter. And too often the presenter uses them as an excuse not to look at the audience.

Keep in mind the audience is experiencing two relationships when watching a PowerPoint. One relationship is with the slides, and the other is with the speaker. The main relationship should be with the speaker and the slides should serve as an enhancement of the speaker’s message.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips:

  1. Instead of putting up a slide, staring at it and reading what it says, look at the audience and start speaking before the slide goes up. The speaker should be leading the slides, not the other way around.
  2. Look at your audience as you speak, not at the slides.
  3. Instead of creating slides the audience has to read, create slides with pictures. Your job is to speak to the audience, not to make the audience read.
  4. Stand in front of the audience.  You’re the main focal point.
  5. If you’re supplying a hand out of the PowerPoint presentation, hand it out at the end of the presentation. What’s the point of sticking around to watch a presentation if you already know what the speaker is going to say?
  6. Do a technical run through before the audience arrives to make sure everything is working. Too often the audience has to wait while technicalities are sorted out.
  7. Open up your voice. Speak with energy. Don’t rely on the sides to do all the work for you.
  8. Practice beforehand.