Five Speech Practice Exercises…

1. Audiences respond to passion in a speech. So, as part of your practice, explore how you “feel” about your topic. Allow some of your emotion to spill into your talk.

2. Learn only the key points of your speech. Then you won’t get stressed out over what word comes next. Unless you’re an actor in a play, there’s no need to memorize your lines.

3. Practice one line of your speech on a whisper. Then speak the same line. When you speak on a whisper, you’ll become more aware of your breathing.

4. Stretch your range. Practice your speech very seriously. Then practice as though you’re in a play on a huge stage. Then practice as if only two people are in front of you. By doing this exercise you’ll break out of habitual speaking patterns and increase your range. Plus it’s fun!

5. Film yourself giving your speech while you rehearse and watch it back. The camera never lies!