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Raise Your Voice Coaching works with individuals and groups.

Since your needs are unique, you’ll receive a personalized program to improve your public speaking skills, whether on camera, giving a keynote, or business presentation. We’ll help you improve your voice, posture, breathing, body language, speaking voice, and confidence. First we’ll talk and assess what’s holding you back from speaking at your fullest potential. Then we’ll come up with a customized plan to meet your needs.

Role playing, mock interviews, video feedback and other voice and presentation techniques will be included depending on your goals.

We Offer:

One-on-one Sessions

Raise Your Voice provides private coaching — eight 90-minute sessions recommended — at your work site or a studio location in Toronto.

Before the first lesson, we’ll talk on the phone or in person to asses your personal needs.

If you want to work solely on your voice, we’ll customize a plan to open up the sound and free your natural, authentic voice.

Or if you want to prepare for a presentation, we’ll skillfully take you through steps to help you deliver your message with flair.

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Are members of your organization making a positive impression when they speak?

Is your staff sounding too “rehearsed” when they talk about business? Would you like members of your group to:

  • Make genuine connections with others?
  • Be approachable?
  • Speak with energy?

Sometimes we unknowingly block communication with others. By taking part in a customized workshop, you’ll find out what those blocks are and how to effectively remove them for open and positive communication.

Become an effective, vibrant communicator with a half-day or full-day workshop custom designed for groups. Stand out in your field!

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Conference presentations


Liven up your conference with a fun, interactive workshop to improve your delegate’s communication skills.

Motivational Speaker

If a speaker works best for your conference, voice coach Cathy Sobocan gives an amazing, inspirational talk on how to fully communicate with our voice and body.

She’ll demonstrate how simple physical adjustments can help us become more approachable and generous with our whole being.