Public Speaking Tip: It’s all in your feet!

How many bones do we have in our feet?

a)    20

b)   12

c)    26

d)   17

Here’s the answer:

“There are 26 bones in our feet. That’s 25 percent of the bones in your body! Your feet are the base of support for the rest of your body. Therefore, if out of alignment, can cause improper balance and alignment throughout the spine and rest of your body.”

I saw this posted at The Energy Exchange in Toronto where I occasionally work out.

It’s an excellent reminder to allow your feet to do their job when you have a public speaking gig. If you feel the ground beneath your feet, that feeling will centre you as you speak.

If your body is in alignment, starting with your feet, the voice will follow. If we stand off-centre or off-balance, we cut off the natural passageway for the voice and the voice could be slightly distorted.