Here are a few comments from clients that have benefited from Raise Your Voice Coaching:

I must say what a great opportunity it was to sit in your session. Speaking, and wearing the fundraiser’s hat too, has many challenges and you gave some great insights. Thank you so much for your delightful and kind critiquing. It was most helpful and I was glad to give you a perfect score. Many of us were still talking about what we had learned out in the hall.” – Jane Ford, NW Health Care Toronto

   ” Thank you so much for all the work you did with me. You are a gifted speaker’s coach. I benefited tremendously from your guidance and coaching.” -Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, Author – The Woman Who Changed Her Brain, Director- Arrowsmith School, -TEDx Toronto speaker TEDx Toronto, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

   “When I signed up for voice classes with Cathy I didn’t know what to expect. My goal was to reclaim my voice and become more comfortable in front of a camera. Not only did I have fun, it was empowering to see how much I improved in just five classes with Cathy. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone looking for a greater awareness and control of their voice and to improve their on camera or face to face communication skills”. -Tara Johnson, Toronto

   “I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and putting together my video on investment properties! The response I got was incredible, from others in the industry and my network, everybody loved it. They all thought the quality was on another level.  Also, I have already got two leads  just from people seeing it on my Facebook profile, one for a 900k investment property and another that is just thinking of getting started investing in Real Estate.” – Micah Munro, RE/MAX Hallmark Real Estate Agent, Toronto “Buying an Investment Property”

   “I am so thankful for Cathy’s voice and speech class. Cathy helped me to become more aware of my breath, and taught me to use my voice as a vessel. Today, I am so much more confident in my ability as a speaker, because I know that my voice can be powerful, thoughtful and full of colour. Cathy makes those discoveries possible. A rave review for Raise Your Voice Coaching!”  – Ryan Iwanicki, Toronto

“Cathy, what a wonderful learning experience I had today in your “Discover Your Voice” class. I’m always willing to learn new ways to make my life easier and you have helped me learn to breathe and pay attention to my body and try to get rid of those nasty habits of tightening up and also expressing my voice. Thank you especially for making it fun.”  – Martha, Staff member, Seneca College

“Cathy’s approach is out of the (voice)box and encouraging and fun. She has the ability to see and work with the unique challenges of each student – I may never breathe the same way again! She brought about a ton of awareness for me and I think she’s great! A rave review for Raise Your Voice Coaching.”  -Sue Faull, President Renegrade Brand

“Cathy is an genuine communicator and a thorough teacher with an approach that will lead you to your authentic voice. I would strongly recommend Cathy to anyone who has something to say but needs help getting their passion across verbally.” – Amanda Parr, Government of Canada

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your coaching. The feeling I had after giving my speech yesterday was fantastic. When I walked out of the class I really felt a change in my confidence and delivery. I caught myself thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe I just did that!”
– Catherine Cheng, Schulich School of Business

“Thank you for your class! I got a lot of understanding about my breathing and really being in touch with how it affects my delivery and I loved your article.” – Helen Valleau- Author, Speaker, Hoffman therapist

“Just like to say thank-you Cathy. I’ve learned a lot in the TV and voice class. My confidence has gone up a ton. I’ve experienced a huge change. You deserve a lot of credit.” – Mario DeBenedictis

“Thank you for teaching a wonderful course that I really enjoyed being a part of. It’s made me way more sociable and approachable as a person. I appreciate everything I learned from you.” – Sam Zedeh, Schulich School of Busines

“My growing confidence,” “increased self esteem,” were a just couple of terms mentioned after Cathy’s workshop. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities find employment. We were very fortunate to have Cathy’s help.”
-Shawn Ferguson, Job Developer, Workplace Essential Skills Partnership (WESP), Toronto

“Cathy is such a talented voice coach. She taught a group of us recently as part of a business program and we were all impressed with how much her coaching helped with our confidence and ability to project our speaking voice. If your job requires you to speak in front of a group, you will benefit greatly from her professional knowledge and proven techniques. It is fun too!” -Anita Green Owner, PullMarketing

“I just wanted to let you know that the meeting with the business association went terrific. We remembered all that you taught us in the presentation skills workshop. I think it really impressed them that our presentation was so professional. Thank you very much for all the help!“- Ben Osorio, Canadian Nordic Skier

“I was referred to Cathy by the organizers of TEDx Toronto. “Rave reviews” was the billing. I worked with Cathy three evenings in the week leading up to my speech. The methodology had to be unusual – trying to prepare someone late in the game for the speech of their career can’t be easy. Cathy knew exactly where she was leading me and, well, you can see the results here. Cathy, thank you for helping moving the speech from the head to the heart and helping me find my voice!” – Stefan Danis, TEDx Toronto speaker, CEO & Chief Talent Officer, Mandrake TEDx Toronto, Stefan Danis

“Even after a single session with Cathy, I was able to greatly improve my delivery. Though I’m an experienced speaker, I didn’t realize how much I could improve until she tactfully pointed out the areas that needed work. A great use of my time and effort.  Highly recommended.” – Dr. Joseph Carfazzo, TEDx Toronto speaker, NSB Speaker, Biomedical Engineer, Toronto’s University Health Networks Dr. Joseph Carfazzo, TEDx Toronto

“I delivered a full day of training to 12 people (me talking from 9am – 4pm) and I used many of your techniques to ensure my voice sounded strong and clear the whole time. Thank you!” – Jennifer Kelly, New Initiatives Marketing Toronto

“Raise Your Voice Coaching gave me the tools to tell my story in a compelling and relaxed, yet powerful way. The ability to feel in control when delivering a talk of any sort is the most important component of a successful delivery. Cathy empowered me through her techniques to own the TED stage, and every presentation I do in the future.”  Jon F. Dwyer, CEO Flax Energy Group, TEDx Toronto speaker Jon Dwyer, TEDx Toronto speaker, Using Flax for Energy

“Cathy is great at helping science-types like me loosen up. She could see things I didn’t notice and drew attention to places I could improve that I had never thought of. She was very easy to get along with and didn’t over practice me. She was a great coach not only for voice, but for confidence as well. ” – Isha Datar is the author of “Possibilities for an in-vitro meat production system”, Canada’s only scientific investigation into cultured meat. – Isha Datar, TEDx Toronto

“I can honestly say that I would have been dead in the water without you.  Your coaching, support and friendly smile were an enormous help in preparing me for my moment of fame in front of the camera.” Max Hardinge Marketing Your Design

“I am delighted with my huge progress in breathing and embracing a room and now seek out speaking opportunities with confidence. Cathy has also encouraged me to tell stories to win and hold an audience, which I avoided for years. She is supportive and collaborative and is fun to work with.” Evan Thompson, Evan Thompson and Associates, Toronto

“Your warm, engaging personality sets the tone!  Your encouragement is genuine and ever present. I think those were big factors in motivating the group and helping everyone shed any fears they may have had speaking before a group.  I’ve retained an amazing amount of what I learned at your workshop.” – Dee Gibney, DG Communications Group, Toronto

“What a great learning experience you provided at today’s workshop! I loved learning the intricate details of the physicality of speaking. These are awesome tools that everyone can benefit from.” – Jack Bergmans,

“I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful and very informative workshop. Having concrete examples from the other participants was incredibly helpful, I could see immediately how your suggestions improved what was being said a great deal. I look forward to applying what I learned the next time I might need to address a crowd!”  Christina Ip, Donor Relations and Fundraising Administrator, ORBIS Canada

“Cathy was fantastic in helping me get clear on my message for my new website video. She helped me narrow down my content and coached me on my on-camera performance. Along with her videographer partner Daniel Renaud,  the shooting of my video was fun and relaxing. I’m thrilled with the end result! “ – Flo Grunfelder, Owner of, Money With Flo