Blog 5

Should You Move Around While Speaking?

Should you move around while speaking? This question come up often. One of the most important things you should feel while speaking, is both feet on the ground. When you can feel your feet on the ground, your body and breath will relax downward.

Feeling both feet on the ground will help your whole body remain balanced. Your feet are filled with proprioceptors, that supply your central nervous system with information that activates the muscular responses of balance. describes a proprioceptor as,” a sensory receptor that receives stimuli from within the body, especially one that responds to position and movement.”

That said if you feel an impulse to move, then move. You shouldn’t be standing on stage like dead weight. But you shouldn’t be pacing around like a lion in a cage. Your movement should be a natural physical response to what you’re saying rather than a body burning off nervous energy.

Always go back to feeling both feet on the ground. Get both of your feet underneath what you want to say.

Consider this. When we make a point we don’t wander. We stand our ground.