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Public Speaking Tip: It’s all in your feet!

How many bones do we have in our feet? a)    20 b)   12 c)    26 d)   17 Here’s the answer: “There are 26 bones in our feet. That’s 25 percent of the bones in your body! Your feet are the base of support for the rest of your body. Therefore, if out of alignment, can cause improper balance and alignment …

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Voice Prep for Tonight’s Party Entrances

Before any actor goes on stage to perform, he or she has typically done months of rehearsing. They’ve memorized lines, worked on their voice and movement, interpreted the script, developed a character, practiced in costumes, put on stage make-up, etc. And on the night of the performance, before the curtain rises, the actor does a warm-up. They get into character …

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Voice for Fitness Instructors

It’s not easy to exercise, breathe, speak and motivate at the same time; even with the aid of a wireless, omni-directional microphone strapped around the head. Despite any coaching constrictions, it’s important for fitness class participants to hear a fit voice because the voice is reflective of what’s going on inside of our body. To get the voice in shape …

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