The Bachelor – Courtney Robertson’s Voice

I will admit that at times I watch reality television shows. I’m entertained by listening to the voices of the various contestants. Lately I’ve tuned in to watch “The Bachelor” on ABC. Currently the model Courtney Robertson appears to be getting most of the attention as she vies for the love of Ben Flajnik. She’s been described by the other ladies in the running as “vapid”, “shallow”, “fake” and “selfish.” Here’s what I make of her by listening to her voice:

The voice reflects whatever is going on inside of the mind and body.

It’s psycho-physical. When Courtney speaks there’s a lot of vocal fry. This is identified by some crackling at the end of her words. That means there’s not enough breath support to fully carry her voice up and out. As a result we get the “top” of her thoughts, but not the “bottom.” In other words, we don’t hear what’s really going on in her gut. “Shallow” means the thought didn’t originate from deep within.

Typically when we want to hide our true feelings from others, we will cut off the breath,

lock the sternum and speak  from the throat. Another way to hold back is by closing off the soft palate in the back of the throat. The words will come out muddy or slightly muffled. When we renew our breathing deep in our body, we’re able to share more of our core being.

I’ve observed that the ladies who’ve opened themselves up to Ben often end up crying. They’ve released what they were feeling in their guts. That type of release often includes tears. The letting go is a relief to the musculature of the body after it worked so hard to hold everything in.

In Courtney’s case the viewer wonders if she has any deep feelings. I’m sure she does. All humans do.  But what Courtney is hiding is her truth. If she’s on the show just to win a game her voice will remain shallow. In fact, that’s why Ben is questioning her motives. He’s not sure of her truth.

If she has feelings for Ben, they will eventually show up in her voice.

She’ll have to open up her core being and show Ben what’s really inside.