Presentation Skills Intensive

Take a class with business professionals and hone your skills! Includes non-verbal communication, voice improvement, build confidence, speak with clarity and conviction, make an inviting connection with the audience, learn with video, peer and instructor feedback how you come across and how to improve your oral communication skills. It’s a three Saturday commitment. It’s fun, it’s intensive; dive in and do it!

Three Saturdays at Humber College Lakeshore campus 9am to 3pm.

Course code – PRDS 146, Three Saturdays – Jan. 19, 26, Feb. 2 , 2019


Acting for TV, Film, & Web Videos

Ever wondered what it would be like to act on camera? Explore the world of acting for TV, film and web videos. Learn techniques used by actors to help you stretch how far you can go as a creative performer, even if you’ve never tried acting before. With scripts from scenes, monologues, and content you could use on your own YouTube channel, you’ll be exposed to a blend of film/television and voice acting, learn how you come across on-camera, and have fun in the process!

Location: Hart House, University of Toronto

Dates: Wednesday’s 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., starts Jan. 30 2019, ends March 13 2019



Job Interview Techniques

Learn and practice techniques you can use at your next job interview. Find out how to adjust your body language and the tone of your voice so that you come across as a confident, vibrant professional. Learn how to answer questions in a way that demonstrates your strengths and individuality. Practice answering a variety of questions that you might be asked in an interview. Video feedback is provided so that you can see how you’re doing.

Location: Hart House, University of Toronto

Date: Sunday April 14, 2019, 12PM to 4pm


Advanced English Pronunciation

This course is for advanced English speakers who learned English as a second language. Improve your pronunciation of the North American vowel and consonant sounds, and develop your English-speaking abilities so that you can express yourself in English with confidence. You’ll open up your voice by using some of the same techniques actors use when learning accents, along with some practical ESL pronunciation techniques, and presentation skills training.

Location: Hart House, University of Toronto

Dates: Wednesday’s 6pm to 8pm, Starts Jan. 30 2019, Ends March 13 2019


 Communication Skills Workshops for Corporate Offices

Raise Your Voice Coaching offers customized communication skills workshops to meet the needs of your team. Our group work is very educational, inspirational, highly interactive and fun! All workshops include video feedback and workbooks. Workshops take place at your office, or our downtown studio.

Workshops can be scheduled for a half-day, a full-day, or if you’re working on a communications strategy for your business, we’ll collaborate with you and develop a series of workshops.

 Workshop Topics

Media Training, Keynote Preparation, Prep for Presentations with Slides

  • Create and deliver your key messages
  • Communicate honestly and effectively
  • Match your body language with your message
  • Intensive video feedback from an experienced broadcast journalist

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Get your message across with confidence and clarity
  • Focus on formal or informal speaking such as in meetings or group presentations
  • Effective use of visual aids such as Power Point
  • Speaking off-the-cuff

 Voice Improvement

  • Eliminate monotone, avoid vocal strain, improve pacing and volume
  • Practical exercises to relax and open up your voice
  • Experience what it feels like to speak with a full, rich voice
  • Audio and video feedback

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