Voice and speech training is for you if you spend a lot of time speaking at corporate meetings, have one-on-one discussions, lead teams, speak to large groups, or sell over the phone.

Does your voice get tired? Do you feel you’re speaking too softly or too quickly? Does your pacing speed up when you get nervous? Do people ask you to speak up? Is English your second language?

We’re here to help

Cathy Sobocan has a graduate degree in voice, a graduate degree in broadcast journalism, and extensive coaching and performance experience to help you improve your speaking voice.

Your customized voice and speech training will include:

  • Exercises to help you open up your voice and speak at length without vocal fatigue
  • Learn how to manage nerves and be relaxed while speaking
  • ESL? Improve the sound of your North American English
  • Video feedback
  • Bonus – Lessons are lively and fun!

Executive Voice and Speech Training

  • Communicate with a clear, confident voice that engages your staff
  • Speak so that you motivate and inspire
  • Training to fit your unique needs and schedule
  • Audio and video feedback

Voice and speech improvement is a process

Whether you take part in group workshops or private vocal lessons, voice improvement takes time – as many as eight to ten sessions to strengthen your voice and resolve issues unique to you.

Book your complementary 15-minute consultation to find out what will work best for you.