Voice Warm-Ups

By Cathy Sobocan, M.A.

This is part one of my series on voice warm-ups. Speaking for any length of time is like aerobics for the voice therefore conducting an efficient voice warm-up will help your body create and support a confident, healthy sound. Voice warm-ups will also help to calm your nerves and give you energy.

I call this voice warm-up the body scan, because just like a doctor, you’re going to scan your body looking for any tension, and then release the tension.

It’s important to eliminate all of the physical tensions in the body because tension restricts the voice.

Voice Warm-Ups

The Body Scan

  1. Stand with your eyes closed.
  2. Open the mouth slightly and breathe gently through the lips. Allow the breath to drop down into the belly.
  3. Bring your attention to your feet. Can you feel the connection between your feet and the ground beneath you?
  4. Start scanning and wherever you detect muscular tension, allow it to release.

Are your feet tense?
Are your ankles tense?
Are your calves tense?
Are your shins tense?

Keep working up the back of your body. Inspect the back of your knees, hamstrings, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, and cervical spine. Are you standing with good alignment, or slumping?

Are you remembering to breathe while conducting the body scan?

Now go from the top of your head, down the front of the face, upper body, abdomen, pelvis, and shins and back to your feet.

Open your eyes and have a sigh of relief.