Would you like to enhance your image with professional video for your website?

Raise Your Voice Coaching now offers website video coaching services!

  • Introduce yourself in a website video bio
  • Build trust with potential clients – they get to see the real you!
  • Give customers added value with “how-to” tips they can watch
  • Improve your SEO
  • Increase sales

Here’s what we offer:

  • Script preparation
  • Rehearsal time and video feedback before the shoot
  • Expert production team
  • Creative video editing
  • Music and graphics
  • Background video
  • Web, mobile ready

You’ll also get…

Professional on-camera voice and performance coaching so you look and sound your very best!

We could spend hours preparing what it is we want to say, but if we can’t effectively communicate the message, the audience tunes out and the message is lost. We will coach you so that you’re camera ready on the day of the shoot. 

Video Scripting and Production Packages

Personal Video Bios 

We’ll capture your personality in a short, personal video for your website or YouTube. If you let others know who you are as a real person it’s likely they’ll want to engage with you. You’ll shine when you show who you truly are and how much you enjoy doing what you do. This package includes:

  • Video strategy session to determine how best to tell your story
  • Script development
  • Wardrobe consult
  • Video shoot with on-camera performance coaching
  • Video editing
  • YouTube upload

Educational Videos for Websites and YouTube

Demonstrate your authenticity with potential clients by offering short, educational videos. Give your viewers some value. They’ll have reason to stay on your website longer. Plus, if you show you’re a trusted adviser they might just buy the whole package!

  • We meet and zero in on your education strategy
  • Content development
  • Professional video shoot
  • Performance coaching
  • Video editing
  • YouTube upload

Your Business Story

Allow others to see you in action! We capture you working at your location with your product or clients. We’ll create a compelling story about you and your business. We’ll even enhance your video with interviews and testimonials.

  • Consultation on how best to capture your brand
  • Script development
  • Video shoot with on-camera performance coaching
  • Video editing
  • YouTube upload

Please visit our video production company, Next Step Video Solutions, to learn more. Or watch Daniel Renaud, videographer explain it all in this short video:

Daniel Renaud


Daniel has remained at the cutting edge of professional videography, video editing and production for almost 20 years. He lends his considerable talents to Raise Your Voice Coaching’s clients who want to create corporate videos for their websites.

Daniel is also a passionate educator and often gives workshops on photography and videography and the use of various post production products. Daniel’s personal mission is to make all of the technical stuff “disappear” so clients can focus on telling their story.