What to wear on camera

The main focus should be the subject – you! So in order for you to shine it’s important to carefully choose what to wear on camera. Your clothing and accessories should enhance your presence rather than detract from it.

What to wear on camera – ten simple rules:

  1. Avoid wearing white. It reflects light and you’ll look pale.
  2. Avoid wearing black. It absorbs light.
  3. The camera loves solid, but not shiny or overly bright, shades of blue, green, rust, brown, purple, gray, pink and even some reds.  If the fabric is too bright it will reflect light back onto the camera. Wear neutral shades. They’ll help the light enhance your skin tone!
  4. Don’t wear fabrics with patterns such as stripes, plaids, tweeds, etc. They could cause a strobe-light effect on-camera.
  5. Avoid jewelry or other accessories that dangle or sparkle. They’re distracting to the viewer and if they make even a slight noise, the microphone will pick it up.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes that don’t cause any physical restrictions. It gets hot under the lights and your body has to breathe in order for you to perform at your best.
  7. Long sleeves are better than short.
  8. Wear clothes that help you tell your story. For example, if you’re demonstrating how to stretch, then professional looking gym clothing will work.
  9. Bring a couple of changes of clothes to choose from. If you’re working without a producer to help you choose what to wear on-camera, then film yourself wearing several outfits and watch back to help you decide. Ask trusted friends or professionals for their feedback.
  10. Wear comfortable shoes. Ladies if you’re wearing heels, then bring slippers to wear in-between takes so your feet can say, “Ah.”