YouTube Video Tips

Follow these five helpful tips to look and sound your best on YouTube:


Tip One – Choosing the right location

Location, location, location. Where you choose to film should reflect what it is you’re talking about. If your story is about dogs for example, then film it in a dog park. If the viewer sees dogs running and playing in the background, that’s ideal! If you’re giving fitness tips, then film in a fitness studio where the viewer can see fitness equipment in the background. Think visually!

Tip Two – Tripods

Use a tripod. It’s difficult to edit your video if it jiggles. It’s also hard on the eyes for the viewer.  If the video is stable the focus will remain on you.

Tip Three – How to practice

Know what you want to say before the shoot. You don’t have to memorize your script word for word. Instead, learn three key points you wish to make and what you want to say about each one. Practice out loud. Film yourself practicing and watch it back. The camera never lies.

Tip Four – What to wear

Avoid wearing black or white as well as fabric with stripes or plaid. The camera loves solid colors like rust, green, and blue.

 YouTube Video Tip Five – Smile

“SMILE” for the camera. Not only will you look your best, but a smile will help lift your voice into your mid-face region where it will have the best resonance.